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Couples Counselling

I am an experienced and qualified couples counsellor, with training in the Developmental Model; from the Couples Institute. My work with you both as a couple is to help you find those keys to communicating more effectively.

The stresses of work, finances, children, family and health can place immense strain on any relationship. 

Couples often come with feelings of anger, resentment, frustrations, thoughts of betrayal and secrets; that have damaged sexual or intimate relationships and which may have left you feeling isolated or rejected from your partner.

I provide a caring and supportive environment in which to work with you both in helping to understand the patterns that have emerged, and find new perspectives and a way to a more intimate and committed relationship.

Some couples may find individual work helpful alongside the couples therapy and I would discuss with you how this may occur.

Couples facing separation and divorce may also find couples counselling helpful; in understanding and finding a way through feelings of anger and sadness that may come with a separation. It can also facilitate ways of creating a new relationship that supports the needs of children.