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Online Counselling and Therapy.

Counselling, Couples Therapy, Family Therapy.

My knowledge and specialist area of interest includes working with persons on the Autistic Spectrum.

Please note I am away from 9th October until 7th Nov 2022

Many people have times in their lives when they may feel stressed, depressed or overwhelmed and need someone to talk to. Counselling can be an opportunity to meet with someone, who, because of their neutrality is able to help you gain more of a balanced and objective perspective, challenge negative thinking, and realise positive change. 

I am a counsellor because I consider it a real privilege to be allowed to listen to another person's story; to help persons through a time of difficulty or to gain new understanding of how they act in specific situations. To be able to have a person share with me and find within themselves the resources necessary for finding a way of moving on with their lives. I would be humbled and honoured if you would allow me the privilege of hearing your story and joining you on your journey.

My core approach is based on person Centred Counselling; this means I will try and understand, your world as you see it, without criticism, or judgment. I will do what I can to offer you a space where you can feel valued and respected. I may also use my further training in Family Therapy in Systemic Practice, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Solution Focused Therapy, Mindfulness and NLP as ways in which to work with you to find an approach that suits you. 

I have worked extensively in the caring profession since 1996, as a Nurse within NHS mental health and learning disabilities services and in the Private and Charitable sectors. Working with both adults, and child and adolescent services. I am able to draw upon a wealth of experience I have gained from working in a variety of settings including a Therapeutic Drug and Alcohol Community, Young Persons Complex Needs and Mental Health Service, Autism Spectrum Services, Prison Service, Women's Domestic Violence Services and Family Therapy services.

I have a specialist interest in working with persons who are on the Autistic Spectrum and their families. I have an appreciation of how sensory difficulties can cause suffering and problems for those on the spectrum, and wish to reassure anyone who may be thinking of coming to see me that I will do whatever I can to help you feel comfortable and to support you with whatever issues you want to discuss. 

I am skilled in working with the complex and painful issues that underlie low self-esteem, depression, anxiety and relationship difficulties. I recognise and understand how these problems can lead people to experiencing stress related symptoms which include changes in sleep patterns, fatigue, difficulties in concentration and feelings of being out of control. My integrative counselling approach includes two streams, firstly exploring ways to help you reduce these symptoms and secondly ways in which you may discover any unrealised potential and possibilities for yourself that you may previously have not considered or been aware of. 

I work with people online only using either Zoom, What's App, Google Hangouts. If having your picture on screen feels difficult then you are welcome to join without your video on or you might want to cover your picture so it feels more comfortable.